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Create (and Live!) Your Vision

This class is for anyone who feels like something is missing and wants to live a more meaningful life in alignment with their true self.

With all of life’s obligations, demands, and hectic pace, it’s easy to get off track from where you’d wanted to be, and feel stuck and like you’re just running on autopilot. On top of that, past disappointments can cause you to give up on your dreams and lead to losing your passion for life. Having a strong, clear vision will put the passion back in your life, help you believe in yourself and your abilities, and give you the tenacity you’ll need to keep pursuing your dreams in the face of disappointment. If you’re yearning for something more, this workshop will help you clarify and connect to your vision, reclaim your dreams, and recapture your energy and enthusiasm for life.

This class will be comprised of a brief lecture, hands-on writing exercises, and group discussion. In this session you will:

  • Learn the importance of having a vision
  • Craft your mission statement
  • Articulate your vision
  • Identify — and avoid — potential barriers and self-defeating patterns that stand in the way of living the life you want
  • Develop simple, practical steps that you can start taking right away to realize and live your vision


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