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The Return Of Yoga Rage

Posted on: November 15, 2010

A few years ago I wrote an article about yoga rage for  Because, I don’t often drive, but I do often yoga, and I get angry when fellow yoga classmates trample on the common sense unspoken rules of the road (or on me, or my mat).  And then I get angry that I’m angry during yoga.  But for the most part, I haven’t had too many incidents in the past few years.  However, lately I’ve experienced a onslaught of one particular obnoxious yoga behavior that has resulted in yoga rage flare-ups.  And this is what it is:  I have no patience (approximately: zero) for people who refuse to move their mats to make room for mine when there is clearly, obviously, indisputably more than enough room for both of us.

I’ve been on a very limited yoga regimen due to assorted aches and pains, so let me just say, that when I make it to class, I really, really need it.  Add to that a crappy day and yeah.  Need it.  Which brings me to the restorative yoga class that I went to last night, that I was so excited for, that I so needed. When I arrived at the studio, I entered the dimly-lit classroom with the ambient yoga-esque music being softly piped in, feining for my relaxation fix.  I walked towards a guy arranging his mat in the middle of a huge space and asked if I could fit next to him, and he said, “There isn’t enough room.”  Did I mention that the area in question was huge, with plenty of room for two mats plus lots of space to spread out?  And the same thing happened a few weeks ago, when I asked a woman if she could move over a little in her (huge) space so I could fit in, and she said, “No.”

And this is how I responded to both mat space hoarders:  I narrowed my eyes, clenched my jaw, said in a huff, “O! K!”, and stomped off across the room to find another spot in a dramatic flurry of flailing yoga mat.  Now, I’m not proud of throwing a mini-tantrum, but really?  You’re going to be an #%*&@ in yoga class?  Do you #%*&@-ing own the #%*&@-ing studio?  And it’s not like there was only a sliver of space and I was going to put my mat down on top of theirs; in both cases there was more than enough room for both of us, so why be so stingy with the mat space?  I just think it’s the #%*&@-ing rudest thing and I can’t even pretend to #%*&@-ing be nice anymore when confronted with this obnoxious display of yoga selfishness.

I eventually (internally) worked through my yoga rage last night, and the restorative class was luckily so relaxing that I was able to transcend the mat space slight and actually relax, so much so that at one point I fell asleep. But that rude yogi’s behavior temporarily returned me to my yoga rage of years past, and made me wonder (seethe, internally) why some people just can’t obey the rules of the yoga road.

What in-class behaviors or mis-behaviors leave you seething with yoga rage?  And how do you handle these situations?



5 Responses to "The Return Of Yoga Rage"

Yeeeah… yoga rage. So true, and the guilt we feel about it is so true as well.

This is more of a Bikram-related thing, but occasionally folks will set up their mats directly in front of me in a sparsely-attended class. WTF, y’alls? Are you TRYING to give me the finger, or is it pure oblivion?

Thank goodness we can transcend it all!

UGHHH! Couldn’t agree more. I’m actually surprised that people have told you “no”. Just do it next time without asking. That’s what everyone in my studio does, especially when there ISNT enough space. Other irking behaviors include talking loudly (obnoxiously) in the studio just before class starts when others are trying to get centered; and students trying to monopolize the teacher’s time during asana. It’s enough for yoga rage!

So I don’t yoga — not because of yoga-mat space hogs, but because it always makes me nauseated. For real. BUT. I can totally sympathize with the bitches who won’t move their mats and share space. For me, it’s kind of like when I’m in the grocery store and the people with their overstuffed, broken-wheel carts push into the space in front of the soy yogurt (or whatever item I need to get to) and then WALK AWAY. They go in search of the next item on their list, and I’m left trying to get at the SoyGurt from any angle possible. And gawd forbid I move their carts a little to the left or right …. RAGE!

@Yolk E Yes, definitely yoga rage inducing when people don’t have mat awareness! And thankfully a good yoga class can help transcend even the worst bouts of yoga rage!

@yogasavestheday Good idea, will try the not asking tactic next time!

@Nicdawg Supermarket rage, oy!

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