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Bringing Sexy Back…One Anxiety Attack At A Time

Posted on: May 25, 2010

In the aftermath of my panic attack last week, I was discussing it with my good friend.  Let’s call her “Jane.”  Jane is a beautiful, smart, successful writer and entrepreneur with an effervescent personality and a dry sense of humor (and no, this is not a thinly veiled device for lavishing compliments on myself, Jane is a real person who is not me, and just happens to not really be named Jane).  And Jane has anxiety.

Now, if you were to meet me or my friend Jane at a book reading or yoga class or hanging out in a coffee shop, you might think that we were cute, bubbly, chatty girls, excitedly engaged in our lives and filled with optimism.  You might not suspect that behind closed doors, we struggled with depression and battled anxiety.  You might think we had everything going for us, and not a care in the world.  You would have no reason to think otherwise.  Unless I happened to tell you about my most recent depressive episode or anxiety attack the first time I met you, which I generally wouldn’t do, although occasionally, I would.

But Jane and I, we have a secret.  Or, in my case, thanks to this blog and the miracle that is the Internet, a not-so-secret-anymore.  We have anxiety, that, on some days, threatens to overtake us.

We’re not recluses with matted hair and crazy eyes and nary a social skill, sporting the latest in straight jackets.  We are cute, bubbly, chatty women in our 30’s, who are (often) excitedly engaged in our lives and (sometimes) filled with optimism.  We are creative and ambitious and warm and friendly and enthusiastic and…anxious.

So we decided that it’s time to make anxiety trendy and sexy.  Enough with the stigma and the hiding and the shame.  Tons of trend-setting celebrities have an exciting array of anxiety disorders!  And if anxiety is good enough for Oprah, then it’s good enough for me and Jane.

And it’s sexy to rock your anxiety loud and proud, to be a full, complex, messy human being accessorizing with a whole juicy range of attributes, from sparkling to anxious, panicked to serene, and everything in between (OK, maybe serene is a bit of a stretch).  Besides, anxiety usually comes on when you are taking risks and breaking out of old limiting beliefs and behaviors, and it doesn’t get any hotter than that!

So now not only can we have a Xanax-sprinkled cupcake eating anxious club, but we can get stylish t-shirts, too, to declare our trendy anxiety to the world.  Mine will say, “I’m Bringing Sexy Back…One Anxiety Attack At A Time” or “Anxious is the new HOT!”  It will be hot pink, of course.  And bedazzled.  What will your t-shirt say?

Rock it, Baby!




8 Responses to "Bringing Sexy Back…One Anxiety Attack At A Time"

Jen– this is one of the ones best yet. You had me laughing out loud. Thank you so much. Well done!

Thanks so much Liz! And I’m thrilled to hear about out-loud-laughter, that’s always a good thing 🙂 xoxo

So well put! Sometimes I think it would be easier to be the “crazy-eyed-outwardly-anxious girl I tend to be. I think it would be a lot less tiring. Because now, I have to deal with all the anxieties, AND the effort to cover them up and project something else. Oy. I need a nap just thinking about it.

haha. i love the post but the part that made me gaffaw LOUDLY (thank god i’m alone right now, how embarrassing!) was that mental image of a hot pink t-shirt, the kicker being the bedazzled part LOL

hilarious. you got me laughing. thanks. and BTW i for one would LOVE a xanax cupcake.

my suggestion? my t-shirt would be orange with fuschia lettering and say “xanax is the new black–goes with everything!”

BTW only here do i feel free enough to announce that officially i am starting a blog. yes, my FIRST ever. sure i’ve posted stuff on facebook, even written Notes in that tab but i’m working on getting it ready and up live….the title? MANIC IN MANHATTAN! gotta love it.

sorry, forgot my URL last time.

Nicdawg! I agree, all that pretending and projecting is EXHAUSTING! I need a nap thinking about it, too! Once again, it’s a reason to OY!

Lisa! I will look out for you rocking that orange and fuschia tee! And AWESOME re: your blog, CONGRATULATIONS & thanks so much for sharing the info about it here! I look forward to reading your MANIC IN MANHATTAN adventures! Happy blogging!
P.S. I haven’t bedazzled since the 80’s and I don’t want to miss the chance to bring a little bling back with the sexy!

deev! i stand behind you sister as you lead us in the crusade in being honest about anxiety. let the lion out of the cage, we all have lions – some have diabetes, some have low blood sugar, we… the ultra lucky, have been given the challenge of how to get on with anxiety. glad to know we crusade together.
xo deev C

DEEV! Love that we are crusading together, Sister! xoxo

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